Tired of Paying For Website Updates

Paying a website developer for every text update to your website?
Put control back in your hands and edit your website easily!

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Easy To Edit

No technical knowledge needed. Login open the page and edit like Word or email. You can make an edit in seconds using the WordPress CMS.

Password Protected

Only you and your approved users can edit the site. Add your team as editors and make your website content rich and useful for your visitors..

Add Pages & Images

You can add an unlimited number of new pages and images with the click of a mouse. Hit publish and your new page is live and available to the public right away.


Need an image Gallery. No problem WordPress comes with a range of additional features that can be installed for you to expand the power of your website.

Search Engines

Disappointed with where you are appearing on search engines. With a WordPress site you can write more content and create pages that are search engine ready and over time improve your ranking.

Change Design

It doesn't stop with just the conversion. You can change your colours and backgrounds if you wish with our design upgrades. Talk to us today.



Send US Your Details

Get in contact. With our team (or chat below). Send us your site hosting details.


We Send you A Scope of Work

We make 100% clear what we are going to do. Convert the homepage and up to 10 pages of HTML on the website. Yes simple but we liketo be clear too.


We Get To Work

We back up your old site (just in case!), then in 2-3 working days we convert it to the WordPress CMS. It looks IDENTICAL but now you can edit it, add new pagres and tons of other great WordPress features.


High Fives

We send you the login details and a handover package with all your details. High fives and we are all happy.


Convert Me!



  • Convert home page.
  • Convert up to 10 individual pages to CMS style
  • Install WordPress platform
  • Move site to new platform
  • Test and Verify
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Mobile Me!



  • Convert home page.
  • Install WordPress platform
  • Move site to new platform
  • Test and Verify
  • Make Website look great on mobile platforms!
  • li>
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Design Me!

Contact Us!


  • New Design with modern look and feel
  • WordPress platform
  • Styled contact form
  • Optimised for search
  • Tons of great features
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