Drupal – Is it the best Open Source CMS or too Complex for the Standard User?

Drupal (http://www.drupal.org) is an industry leading content management system.  It is open source with a wide range of features.  It has some unique characteristics that makes it stand out from other CMS in the way it handles content and the delivery of it to the user.

What Is Drupal?

Is Drupal Too Complicated?

You have to look at the Drupal CMS (and any one for that matter) from the user and also from the developer perspective.

User Perspective on Drupal

Drupal used to be up to version 6 very ugly and hard to use.  The editing dashboard and interface were a nightmare to use and navigation at best confusing.  Version 7 hasa brough a vastly improved interface.

The perception amongst the user community is that Drupal is complex to use and even customise than WordPress and Joomla.  In part this is true.  But to compare Drupal and WordPress is a little inaccurate as Drupal started off as a web publishing platform and WordPress as a blogging platform.

In the WordPress case the initial focus was to allow users of any ability to get blogging quickly.  The intent of Drupal was (and still is) to allow you or your organisation become a more powerful publishing force online.

For example if you were running a newspaper that had many different sections and you didn’t want the sports writer posting accidentally to the sports section and also only wanted his articles to be of a certain format Drupal is superb for creating this taxonomy.

The sports writer doesn’t even realise that he is using a custom view to the fashion writer across the asile and is able to create rich content without a PhD in coding.

WordPress has some user configurations but is extremely

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