Why Mobile Ready Websites Are Important


Tablets and smartphones have changed several aspects of user experience and web design. Initially, web designers only had to design websites intended for different browsers used on desktop and laptops. However, interacting with websites on tablets and smartphones is very different from that of desktop users.

Mobile users are growing every day. People are shifting from desktop computers and laptops to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Most of the online tasks that could only be accessed through desktops can now be accessed through mobile surfing. It is not just browsing; it is the complete user experience from checking emails, social media use, and online shopping.

With the steady increase in mobile internet usage, it is vital that the design of your website is responsive. There are people who develop two different versions, one for desktop viewers, and another for mobile users. However, to avoid the extra time and costs involved in managing the two sites, you can have a responsive site. A responsive site will be friendly to both sets of users. There are numerous reasons why a mobile ready website is important.

Mobile usage is on the increase

If you look around, you can realize that almost everyone is doing something on their phone. However, there are businesses who have not yet realized the increasing trend of mobile users. However, the following statistics from Insight prove how mobile usage has increased.

  • More than 20% of searches conducted on Google are achieved through a mobile device.
  • In the United States, 25% of internet users only use their mobile devices to access the internet.
  • By 2012, half of all searches were conducted through mobile, and the numbers have increased by then.
  • Of the more than 4 billion smartphones in the world, over 2 billion are smartphones.

Recommended by Google

Google commands more than 60% of the search market share. This makes it the most popular search engine all over the globe. Therefore, if Google prefers a mobile ready website, then that is something that you should be ready to adopt without much questioning.

As indicated earlier, some businesses have both desktop and mobile versions. This means a different set of HTML and URL for Google to crawl. Users also prefer one website. They can share, engage, and interact with the content easily as compared to a site with two versions.

Increases conversion rates

On top of making users happy as well as the search benefits, responsive design also has the potential and ability to increase conversion rates from users of mobile devices all over the world. If a website is not working properly on a mobile device, users will find it very hard to convert. This means that you are losing out a lot of revenue considering that there are millions of people shopping through their mobile devices.

With the increasing competition in today’s business world, you have to find strategies that keep you ahead of the competition. If more users prefer mobile devices to make their purchases and do their online shopping, you have to find means of catering for those users. The first step to doing this is ensuring that your site is mobile friendly.

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