Why WordPress is a Great CMS for Your Website!

A Content Management System (CMS) is the smartest way to manage a website. Savvy website owners know this. A CMS is cheaper, easier to upgrade and more secure than a traditional HTML website. As such, many forward-looking website owners are now migrating their traditional websites onto CMS platforms.

The biggest challenge many face is deciding which CMS to use. There are almost a dozen CMS’ out there. Some like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are extremely popular, and power millions of websites. Others like ModX, WebGUI and ocPortal aren’t as popular – but have thousands of ardent fans.

With so many options available, which CMS should a website owner use? Well, the best option is to select the preferred choice for a typical website owner. Currently, the most popular CMS by some distance is WordPress. It powers over 75 million websites – from blogs and educational websites to business and enthusiast sites. Popular websites powered by WordPress include CNN, TechCrunch, Yahoo! and the NFL website.

Therefore, if you are looking for a great CMS for your website, WordPress is the perfect solution. There are a number of features which make WordPress extremely popular. The most important ones are the following:

For starters, WordPress is extremely easy to use. This is because the platform is built for non-technical people. You don’t need any HTML knowledge or web programming skills to use WordPress. Everything is extremely simplified. In fact, an absolute beginner can set-up a WordPress website in a matter of minutes and be comfortable with the basics in a matter of hours.

This isn’t the case with other CMS’ like Joomla or Drupal. To use these two platforms, you need to have some programming skills. This makes the learning curve for using them quite steep. Therefore, if you desire a CMS which you can get up and running within a short time, WordPress is the best solution out there. This ease of use is what attracts millions of people to WordPress.

However, despite its ease-of-use, WordPress is incredibly powerful. This is because it is a fully fledged web development platform. There is no limit to the customizations which you can do on WordPress. This makes the platform a favorite for web developers. Therefore, if you have some web programming knowledge or experience, then WordPress is absolutely perfect for you. Its excellent customization options will enable you to implement anything you need on your website.

Another advantage of WordPress is the free availability of useful website plugins. There are hundreds of plugins which do everything from setting up e-stores, and creating newsletters to tracking website visitors and removing spam comments. There are specialized plugins which are designed for photographers, business owners, educational service providers, enthusiast bloggers, and so on.

These plugins make upgrading, extending and spicing up a WordPress website extremely convenient and cheap. This is because almost every helpful component out there has been packaged into a nifty little plugin. You simply install the plugin onto your website, and begin enjoying the benefits.

Yet another advantage of WordPress is that it has an extremely vibrant community. There are millions of people WordPress community. These range from bloggers, and website owners to enthusiast developers and expert programmers. This large and vibrant community is helpful for two reasons:

First of all, in case you get stuck with any aspect of the CMS, you can simply post your question to the community forum. You get responses almost instantly. In fact, most WordPress users prefer posing their questions to the community rather than the CMS’ excellent tech support. This vibrant community is partly what makes mastering WordPress extremely simple. In case you get stuck, you can always find help.

Secondly, the community is a great source of tips, strategies and hacks for maximizing the potential of WordPress. People are constantly pushing the limits of the platform. And they keep coming up with ingenious ways for using the platform. This endless supply of tricks is what makes owning a WordPress website exciting. You can literally keep improving your website with minimal experimentation on your part.

The final (and perhaps most important) benefit of WordPress is in terms of website security. We all know that the web is teeming with people just looking to compromise the security of your website. These range from pranksters who deface websites to hackers who destroy or steal data. To safely run a website, you need to protect yourself against such people.

This is where WordPress comes in handy. WordPress has perhaps the best cyber security mechanism of any CMS. First of all, the core WordPress development team has scores of cyber security experts. These are constantly monitoring the latest web security vulnerabilities and upgrading the platform to protect against them. These security updates are given freely to every WordPress website owner.

Secondly, WordPress is an open-source platform. This means that the code is freely available. This creates an opportunity for independent security experts to analyze and identify vulnerabilities on the platform. And there are hundreds of people who do these. They identify security threats, and create plugins to thwart them.

The combination of WordPress’ constant security updates, and security-oriented plugins makes the CMS extremely secure. The best part is that eliminates the worry and responsibility from the website owner. As a website owner, all you need to do is focus on maintaining the content on your website, the security part is handled for you.

In a nutshell, WordPress is a great choice for anyone looking for the ultimate CMS. It is simple, secure and powerful. Best of all, it can run any type of website. Therefore, if you still have an ancient HTML website and desire to migrate it into a CMS, WordPress is the perfect choice. The good news is that you can Convert HTML to WordPress quite easily. So, you don’t need to hustle with any other CMS, just choose WordPress. It is the perfect CMS for your website.


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